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    Have you ever thought about what goes into making a prison? Believe it or not, it's a big process, because they need to be built with security in mind to ensure that no one breaks out. Now, you'll get the chance to make, and potentially break, your own prison. This is Prison Architect. As the title states, you'll actually get to make your own prison. You'll build it brick by brick, and try and make sure that everything that it needs is there to "welcome" the prisoners that are heading your way. Will it stand up to the criminal minds? You're about to find out. How will you build the prison? Will you make it so that it only does the basics? Living quarters, mess hall, and other necessities? Or, will you expand it to include areas for the prisoners to unwind and not cause trouble? How you build it will define how the prisoners interact with you and the guards. So be ready. As if that's not enough, you'll also get to experience the Story Mode of Prison Architect. Which places you as five people destined for the electric chair, and you get to live their lives in the prison until that day comes. Finally, if you think you have built the ultimate prison, you get to put it to the ultimate trying to escape it yourself. Become a prisoner, and see if the walls really are escape proof. You can also put yourself to the test against other players prisons as well! There's tons to do in Prison Architect, just choose the path you want to go down.

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