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Prison Architect is free on PC

Prison Architect is free on PC

Released in 2015, Prison Architect is one of those games that went through the crowdfunding box to see the light of day. Developed by the independent British studio Introversion Games, Prison Architect has been supported and acclaimed by its community since 2012, when the crowdfunding campaign was launched, and still continues to offer an excellent gaming experience, while receiving new content. 

In Prison Architect, you are the director of a prison facility and have to manage all aspects of it. You are responsible for the design and construction of the place, the well-being of the prisoners, and even the maintenance of your infrastructure.

If you've never played Prison Architect, you can do it without spending a dime, since the game is currently available for free on GOG. To retrieve it, you just need to go to the game's page on GOG or claim it directly on GOG Galaxy. As you might have guessed, you obviously need to have an account to be able to add the game to your library, but once you do, the game will yours to keep. Do not hesitate and grab it now, because the offer will be up only for a limited time. It will end on December 19 at 3 p.m. 



If you already own Prison Architect, you can enhance your gaming experience with additional content too. Three DLC are available for the game. One of them, Cleared For Transfer, is completely free and there are also two paid ones. Psych Ward: Warden's Edition, which allows you to add a psychiatric ward to your prison, and Island Bound, which is inspired by Alcatraz, allows you to build your prison on an island and add helicopters, boats, and plenty of other new features. As usual, if you want to get them at the best price, just visit our comparator.

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