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Prison Architect's new DLC gives inmates a second chance

Prison Architect's new DLC gives inmates a second chance

Spending a part of your life in jail is not an experience that you would recommend to anyone but in Prison Architect you can discover that being on the other side isn't easy at all either. As the director of a prison, you are tasked with building it up from the ground and then managing every aspect of your penitentiary. It may seem an easy task on paper, but you have to take into account a lot of variables when designing the facility, including the security of the place, the inmates' needs, and more. Once you are done, keeping everything under control will take most of your time but there are always new ways of improving your game. An upcoming DLC will offer the inmates an opportunity of getting out of jail, and this time by legal means.

Second Chances is a new DLC for Prison Architect that introduces rehabilitation programs in the game. The inmates will be able to reduce their sentences and eventually get reintegrated into society if they are patient and well-behaved enough to follow the program. They will have to take part in several activities, including socializing with civilians, animal therapy, conflict resolution lessons, and more. If their behavior is acceptable they may even ask for a spot working in the bakery or the restaurant. It won't be an easy process, but eventually, all those in the rehabilitation program will go under evaluation and if they are deemed worthy, they will be free. 



Second Chances DLC also includes the figure of the reoffender. You must make sure that an inmate is ready to be integrated into society because they will be sent back to prison again if they commit another crime. In that case, as the director of the prison, you will find yourself penalized for not being strict enough in your work.

Prison Architect is getting quite an interesting new mechanic with Second Chances, and players will love the newly added level of complexity that it brings to the game. The expansion will launch on June 16 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and on June 29 for Nintendo Switch.


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