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Prison Architect receives a free update

Prison Architect receives a free update

Sometimes you don't need to purchase a very expensive DLC to enjoy new features in a game, even when these make a game significantly better. One of those cases occupies us today. Prison Architect is a prison building and management simulator that puts you at the head of a corrections facility. You can use a wide range of assets to build the most secure prison, but the challenge comes later when you have to manage it and keep all the inmates in check. The high level of detail of the simulation mechanics turns Prison Architect into a complex experience that puts your skill and wits to the test. 

In the case of Prison Architect, the level of micromanagement required to play the game is rather high, and it may be cumbersome for players that are new to the genre. Developer Double Eleven wants to make the gameplay more fluid with a new batch of additions that have been implemented to the game via a recent patch. Most of those features have been requested by the community, and they include an improved scheduler that allows you to organize your daily tasks better. 



You can also easily keep track of the inmates' activities, which lets you uncover anything that is out of order. This enhancement will be particularly useful now in Prison Architect, as the patch has also implemented an aging system for the guards and the inmates. While the guards may gain ranks and additional abilities, the behavior and needs of the inmates will change depending on their age.

These features add a new layer of complexity to Prison Architect, but overall, they reduce the time players will spend navigating through the different menus in the game and allow for a better experience. The update is available already on PC and Xbox consoles, and it will launch on PlayStation in the close future. Remember that you can use our comparator to buy Prison Architect cheap if you are looking for an exciting management experience in an unusual scenario.

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