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    Things look grim in a future where the Solar System is controlled by giant megacorporations. In their endless search for power, they strive to expand the reach of their tentacles even further in the deep space. As the boss of an independent mercenary agency, you are an important actor in this process and one of the few ones who knows about the crimes committed to achieve greatness for humanity.

    Quasimorph is a unique turn-based strategy game with RPG elements that puts you in the shoes of the leader of a group of mercenaries. You will send your people to complete challenging missions in deep space. Choose the best fighters, equip them with powerful weapons and cybernetic enhancements, and explore secret planetary bases, research laboratories, and derelict spaceships while looking for new assets to help you in your endeavors. Unlock new technologies, weapons, and equipment to improve your mercenaries and take on harder missions.

    In Quasimorph, you don't have to worry about your mercenaries. They are expendable clones and nobody cares if they die, but all the equipment they take on a mission and any items gathered after being deployed will be lost if they die. Keeping them alive in exciting turn-based battles is in your best interest.

    Quasimorph lays at your feet a sprawling dark and mysterious universe for you to explore. Manage your assets and uncover the secret behind an impending threat that can put the future of humankind at risk.

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