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    In There Is No Light, a terrible cataclysm has decimated the world population and the few survivors remaining have been forced to move underground. What's left of human civilization has turned into a society that has forgotten about the light of the sun, and a cult to the New God has expanded quite fast among the humans left. But this religion has a dark side, and every few years they claim the lives of a few selected newborns who are taken from the hands of their parents to disappear behind the games of the Sanctuary forever. Although religious matters have never bothered you, your child has been one of the chosen ones this year. Grief and rage for the loss overcome you and the only way of putting an end to those feelings is to embark on a dangerous journey to open the gates of the Sanctuary and bring back your lost child, no matter the cost.

    There Is No Light is an action-adventure game with frantic combats in an immersive and dark world represented with a beautiful pixel art style. Battle against hordes of strange creatures and cultists as you try to find a way to get to the Sanctuary and rescue your child. You have four different weapons at your disposal, and only by mastering them and delivering swift strikes in combat will you be able to achieve your goal. Fight against mighty bosses and dreadful monsters as you uncover the secrets of the Sanctuary. Your decisions will shape the story as you progress in There Is No Light. Do you have what it takes to rescue your child?

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