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    Discover a sprawling fantasy world composed of islands in Nova Lands. In this game, you take the role of an explorer that arrives at a mysterious planet. You have to gather resources and build a base for your operation. As you expand your base you will unlock new opportunities and technologies to aid you in your exploration mission. You can even automate the production and building processes in your base with small helper bots.

    The world of Nova Lands is full of secrets to discover, creatures to fight, and environments to explore, but you are not the only one on this task. You arrive at an island, but there are many others that you can visit to meet other people, gather new types of resources, and more.

    In Nova Lands, you can use your blaster to fight powerful monsters and strange creatures. Combats are frantic and full of action, and the twin-stick control system requires you to be on your toes at all times. Alternatively, you can choose to explore peacefully and use valuables

     to bribe whatever bosses you find.

    Nova Lands is a base management and resource-gathering game set on a sprawling alien planet. With cute pixel-art graphics in 2D and a myriad of surprises it provides you with many hours of entertainment.

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