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    Save the Amazon rainforest in the rogue-lite hack-and-slash game Tunche. Follow the story of five young characters as they make their way through the rainforest in search of the great Amazon spirit, Tunche. But the way through the jungle is blocked by mythical monsters taken from Amazon legends. You have no choice but to fight your way through them to complete your goal.

    Choose your character: Rumi, the sorceress, Pancho the musician, Qaru the bird boy, Nayra the warrior, and guest star Hat Kid from the game A Hat In Time. Each has their own unique playstyle for you to adopt. Discover their individual reasons for finding Tunche and what they’re willing to do to achieve their goal.

    Explore the Amazon. Tunche is divided into four regions, each with ten levels and a boss at the end. To fight them, you must level up your character and acquire skills and ultimate abilities. 

    Roguelite elements. Each creature telegraphs its move, allowing you a chance to counter it if you're skilled enough. If you die, you start over at your campsite, though you do keep your levels and XP. 

    Are you ready to take on the jungle? Pick your favorite character and get ready to fight for Tunche.

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