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    The Malakai - Thrones of Decay pack adds a new Legendary Lord for the Dwarfs, Malakai Makaisson to the Total War: WARHAMMER III series. With this pack, players will get access to new Lords, Heroes, Units, and Mechanics to enhance their campaign roster on and off the battlefield. Malakai brings unique campaign mechanics to the Dwarfs, with a brand-new objective in the Realm of Chaos, plus new Units and Heroes to help them achieve total victory.

    Malakai Makaisson supports his army with ranged firepower by using a wide range of guns and explosives. He has a knack for creating grand machines, and his entourage of Slayers assists him in engineering. Despite being ejected from the Engineer's guild after a series of catastrophic malfunctions that cost many lives, he continues to engineer grand machines to this day. Malakai is an authentic Slayer and wants to die in battle fighting the mightiest foes. However, his engineering abilities provide him with many opportunities to strategically take on his opponents in unusual ways.

    In addition to Malakai, players will also get access to Garagrim Ironfist, the War-mourner of Karak Kadrin and son of Ungrim Ironfist, as a Legendary Hero. They can also improve their odds with five new Units, a Generic Lord, a Generic Hero, and a further three Regiments of Renown.

    With Malakai, players can seek a glorious death, reap the rewards, and test the latest innovations. They can also bolster their units from the skies with the Spirit of Grungi, a mobile workshop and transport vessel.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Total War: WARHAMMER III

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