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V Rising

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    A few centuries of sleeping in your coffin have been enough to debilitate you and get you hungry. As a vampire, you will hunt for blood in an open world in this gothic multiplayer survival game. You start your adventure in V Rising in a pitiful state. As a creature of the night, you have to hide from the sun and stalk your prey from the shadows while you try to regain your strength. Unsuspecting villagers and bandits will be your source of nourishment, but the world of V Rising is also populated by dangerous monsters and supernatural beasts that can destroy you. 

    In V Rising, you will be able to gather resources and discover ancient techniques to unlock unholy powers. As you get stronger, you will eventually be able to build a castle, which will serve as your base of operations. With your powers, you will convert your victims into loyal servants that will do anything you require from them. Eventually, you will meet other vampires. It's totally up to you if you decide to ally with them to pursue common goals or fight them to become the most powerful undead in the region. Just remember that there are much bigger threats than them.

    V Rising features action-based combat and puts at your disposal a wide array of weapons and unholy powers that you can use to obliterate your opponents. 

    Do you have what it takes to master your vampiric powers and become the ultimate undead lord in V Rising?

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