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V Rising's free expansion is coming in May

V Rising's free expansion is coming in May

Despite its long time in Early Access, developer Stunlock Studios continues adding content to its open-world survival game. In V Rising, you take the role of a vampire that has been deprived of everything after centuries in a deep slumber. You wake up in a weakened state to find out that the world has changed a lot. All of your belonging have disappeared and you have to work hard to rebuild your castle and claim dominance over a land now ruled by humans and a Holy Order that despises and hunts down your kind. V Rising features exciting survival and ARPG mechanics that let you gather resources, build and craft whatever you need, and even unlock new vampiric powers to take on increasingly difficult challenges as you explore a hostile open world.

V Rising became a hit soon after entering Early Access on Steam, and it has received many improvements since then. The game will be expanded with a new expansion that all players will be able to access for free in a few weeks. You can watch the Secrets of Gloomrot reveal trailer below.



A new source of adventures

Secrets of Gloomrot will add a new biome with two new areas and it's focused on scientific progress in a sort of Frankenstein-inspired way. It will add plenty of new crafting options that will let you empower your vampire with new equipment and weapons. It will also introduce a new spell school: storm, which will let you manipulate electricity. Alongside these additions, Secrets of Gloomrot will feature new bosses and a plethora of modifications to the game's systems, including building, traveling, customization, and more. 

With this expansion, V Rising will become a much larger experience, providing you with many new ways of developing your character, building your vampiric kingdom, and terrorizing the puny humans that dare to defy you.

Secrets of Gloomrot will launch on May 17 for PC. You can use our comparator to get your V Rising Steam key at the best price if you are yet to discover one of the best survival games of 2022.

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