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V Rising will launch a crossover with Castlevania

V Rising will launch a crossover with Castlevania

V Rising is an exciting survival game where you take the role of a vampire that has awakened after years in torpor to see his territory invaded by humans. In the game, starting from scratch and almost naked, you have to gather resources and build your own castle while exploring the surrounding lands and feeding on prey to regain and develop powerful vampiric powers. V Rising has been in Early Access on Steam since May and it has caught the eye of many fans who have spent countless hours working on becoming master vampires. The game has evolved a lot in two years and developer Stunlock Studios has added plenty of new content and enhancements. Now, with the release of the final version of V Rising scheduled for May 8, the studio has announced a crossover with the iconic Castlevania series called Legacy of Castlevania.



Simon Belmont will hunt you down

The legendary vampire hunter and protagonist of the Castlevania series, Simon Belmont, will arrive at V Rising as part of a free event. He will become a huge threat to newly awakened vampires, but if you manage to defeat him, you will unlock the secrets of his powerful whip. Also, The Legacy of Castlevania event will include the release of a purchasable DLC called Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack, which adds new elements to customize your castle and make it look like taken out from KONAMI's games. The pack includes new decorations, a skeletal mount, and even two new two classic themes reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova.


"We're all big fans of Castlevania, so being able to actually create original Castlevania content in our game is a dream come true. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to our friends at KONAMI for the chance to bring Castlevania to the V Rising universe. This has been an opportunity for us to channel our love and effort for their games into this collaboration, and we look forward to you being able to experience it for yourself on May 8th!"
- Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios



Whether you are a follower of V Rising or you are yet to discover the game, you should mark May 8 on your calendar if you love Castlevania, as the crossover will be available on that date too. As usual, the best source of cheap V Rising Steam codes is our comparator, but you can also use it to purchase additional DLC content for the game like the Sinister Evolution Pack or the Dracula's Relic Pack, which add new interesting elements and customization options to the game in order to enhance your experience.

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