V Rising enters Early Access

V Rising enters Early Access

Survival games have become quite popular among players lately thanks to jewels like Valheim and many others. V Rising takes quite a different approach to the genre. It places you in a gothic world as a newly awakened vampire that struggles to survive. Similar to other games in the genre, V Rising challenges you with surviving in an open world, but it's not an easy task since you are now a creature of the night hated and feared by humans. Stick to the shadows during the day, prey on your victims, and gain dark powers to become a powerful vampire lord that rules a vast territory with an iron hand. 

But the game also adds a PvP component to the mix, and you will also have to deal with other vampires if you choose to play in multiplayer mode. Whether you choose to ally with them or crush them under your boot to expand your empire of darkness is totally up to you.

V Rising features a crafting system that allows you to gather valuable resources that you can use to raise your castle, which will be the base of your power. On the gameplay side, the game is played like an ARPG in the third person view, and its style reminisces of Lost Ark, but you move using your keyboard instead of your mouse. When it comes to combat, you can make use of plenty of different weapons and vampiric powers to get rid of any opponents in frenetic battles.


Early Access

With all those features and more on the way, V Rising has just become available via Early Access on Steam. Developer Stunlock Studios has talked about it in the press release that accompanies the announcement.

"The time has come to rise from your crypts and descend onto Vardoran. At Stunlock Studios, we're proud to be able to show the fruits of our labors after our longest development cycle, and by far our most ambitious project to date."

"V Rising is a gothic fantasy survival action game that focuses on what it is to be a vampire in an unforgiving world, utilizing old familiar combat similar to that of our earlier pvp titles but also exploring a wealth of new ideas. We've worked hard to put all of this together into something cohesive and darkly beautiful for you to experience."

Stunlock Studios plans V Rising to stay in Early Access for about twelve months while they add new features and polish the game. If you can't wait to give it a try, you can find your V Rising Steam key at the best price with our comparator anytime.

V Rising
V Rising
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