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    Can you survive in the Viking afterlife? You are a Norse warrior who died on the battlefield, but instead of taking you to a just reward in Valhalla, the Valkyrie brings you to the tenth realm, Valheim, where even the gods fear to tread. Your mission is to destroy the monsters plaguing the land and turn this raw and purgatorial wilderness into a paradise. Valheim pits your survival skills against a harsh, primordial Viking-inspired world. The environment is procedurally-generated, therefore, you will never travel through the same woods, mountains, and oceans twice. You must gather resources and craft tools to build your own home and base. Work alone or with a team of up to 10 other players in a cooperative PvE setting. Forge your own weapons and armor to fight strange, mystical creatures drawn from Norse legends. Most importantly, you must destroy Odin’s fearsome enemies in order to tame the land. Will you find your place in the gods' saga, or are you doomed to be another lost soul?

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