Valheim takes you into the Mistlands with new update

Valheim takes you into the Mistlands with new update

After making an impact with its debut sale of over 10 Million copies, Iron Gate Studios’ Viking survival RPG Valheim returns with an update that will introduce a new biome and mechanics. Mistlands will feature new environments, monsters, weapons, and even, yes, chickens. Check out the gameplay trailer now.



To be clear, the Mistlands update hasn’t been applied to the base game yet as it’s still in its testing phase. That said, you can access the beta version at the Valheim public test branch

Mistlands features an enormous biome that’s meant to be explorable for players who have completed the main storyline. It’s a foggy environment filled with swamps and mountainous regions. It’s a tough environment designed to be an endgame, so to enter you need to have good gear on you as well as a light wisp that is dropped by a previous boss. 

Once you’re inside, however, there are lots to do. You can explore various ruins containing treasures, fend off attacks from new monsters like the insectoid Seekers and the acid-spitting Gjall, and behold the amazing roots of the towering World Tree, Yggdrasil. The update will also feature a terrifying new boss that is locked away in a vault. To even access it, you first need to complete the monumental task of crafting the right key. 

Viking magic

The most prominent addition in Mistlands is the new magic system. By collecting a resource called Eitr, you would be able to cast spells. However, collecting and refining Eitr requires several magic-themed crafting stations, so playing a mage will require quite a bit of work. But having access to necromancy and protection spells should be well worth the effort. 

Mistlands also feature new resources you may use for construction, including black marble, which can help you build strong defenses to keep those pesky Seekers out. You may now also create a spiraling staircase, which should be useful in building multi-level buildings. Again, this should give you some defense against wandering monsters who intend to make your life in the Mistlands miserable. The update features a lot more new stuff, so check out the public test branch to learn more.

Mistlands doesn’t currently have a launch date, but one should be announced soon. If you have yet to pick up this addictive multiplayer RPG, you can grab a Valheim PC key cheap from our comparator.

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