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    Imagine a fast-paced multiplayer game that pits ghosts against ghost hunters. That's exactly what Midnight Ghost Hunt is about. In this multiplayer hide-and-seek game, you take the role of a specialist in charge of getting rid of paranormal creatures by using your special equipment to banish them. Conversely, you can also take the role of a haunted soul with telekinetic powers that want to remain in this world to complete your unfinished business in peace.

    Midnight Ghost Hunt features 4v4 multiplayer matches and dynamic gameplay. As a ghost hunter, you have access to a variety of equipment to trap and banish ghosts. AS a ghost, you can possess mundane objects to hide from the hunters. Hunters have a limited time to complete their job because the ghosts will get supercharged when the clock strikes twelve, giving the hunters a limited amount of time to survive the assault of the enraged paranormal entities that will try to claim revenge on them.

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