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Palworld teases new Pals and locations for a Summer update

Palworld teases new Pals and locations for a Summer update

Despite a significant reduction in the number of concurrent players in Palworld, the game developed by Pocketpair continues to have a sizeable player base on Steam for a title still in Early Access. However, the community that plays the game is avid for novelties and wants to see new additions, especially new Pals to interact with. Fortunately, Palworld players will have more of these unique creatures to play with next Summer, as revealed in a recent video that teases the content coming to the co-op open-world multiplayer game in a future update.

New region and Pals

Four different Pas whose names are yet to be revealed appear in the latest Palworld video. The footage reveals a new location inspired by Japan will all the cherry blossom trees. Their names are yet to be revealed but they look like a mushroom, a frog, a peacock, and a dog respectively. The community has hurried to compare them with Pokémons to see if they could find some similarities and it turns out that the last one has some vague resemblance with Lucario, which is enough to serve as fuel for the controversy between both games. It's worth saying that despite all the drama about Palworld being a copy of Pokémon, the announced legal action against Pocketpair has not happened yet.



The announcement has been received with joy by the Palworld community which is also eagerly waiting for news about the PvP mode that is supposed to be coming to the game sometime in the future. Pocketpair had to drastically modify its roadmap for the game due to its huge success, and the studio also had to make a great effort to keep up with the humongous number of players that rushed to play Palworld when it was released in Early Access. Now that the hype has stabilized, Pocketpair surely wants to take its time to make things the proper way to avoid spoiling the amazing opportunity that Palworld has brought to them. 

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