Palworld keeps growing at an astonishing speed

Palworld keeps growing at an astonishing speed

Palworld is putting to shame all the titles released in 2024 and the huge majority of games released in recent years. The number of sales achieved by the multiplayer game from Pocketpair is out of the charts and it keeps growing at an unprecedented speed. More than 19 million players are already doing their best to survive in the world of the game with the help of their Pals. The concerns about a possible takedown of the game due to legal action from Pokémon do not make players shy away from the game in any way, and there are many doubts about it happening at any point.

A meteoric rise to glory

After selling several million copies in just a few days, Palworld has maintained an astounding growth rate that has positioned the game far above any competitor. The game content is widely covered on all social media and the more players know about the game the fewer similarities it bears with any Pokémon game. The possibility of putting the Pals to work, eating them, and treating them almost as if they were slaves stands out as quite shocking for those who thought of the game as a copy of Pokémon. Also, the combination of survival mechanics with exciting action-based battles and a sprawling open world to explore contribute to delivering an experience that has absolutely nothing to do with the games from Game Freak in terms of gameplay.



Palworld is totally unstoppable right now and not even the bugs that players are experiencing in the game are enough to prevent more from joining on a daily basis. Developer Pocketpair keeps releasing updates and fixing some of them, which is something quite normal for a game that is still in Early Access.

The future of Palworld, also known as "Pokémon with guns", is still uncertain, but there are no doubts about its huge appeal and success. Will it live long enough to become one of the biggest titles of all time? Pocketpair intends to make it happen, indeed, and the studio has already laid out ambitious plans to expand the game with new features. If you want to give the game an opportunity, remember that you have access to the best deals on Palworld Steam keys with our comparator.

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