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Palworld's numbers dwindle as fast as they grew

Palworld's numbers dwindle as fast as they grew

It's undeniable that Palworld is the biggest surprise of 2024. The game appeared out of nowhere and immediately caught the eye of a huge legion of fans who rushed to Steam to discover the new "Pokémon with guns". The drama about the game's similarities with Pokémon and a possible legal action from Game Freak put Palworld in the eye of a storm which incidentally contributed to boosting its popularity. Also, those who tried the game got hooked by its exciting survival gameplay mechanics and engaging action, and as a result, it achieved an unprecedented number of concurrent players on Steam. However, it was predictable that keeping over 2 million concurrent players on Steam was going to be almost impossible for a game that is still in Early Access and that does not follow a live service model with constant additions.

Going downhill

As of today, there are not so many players in Palworld by any means. The number of concurrent players on Steam is down to slightly over 60,000 concurrent players. Although it's not a small number at all, it may seem rather disappointing for a game that has sold over 15 million copies on Steam. However, it's worth noticing that Palworld is a title still in development and it's not strange that players get bored and start looking for something different after a while. In fact, such a trip on a rollercoaster when it comes to numbers is quite a common occurrence for many video games nowadays. they reach a peak of popularity and some time after they fade into oblivion. Palworld is noteworthy because of its impressive numbers, which did put to shame some triple-A releases in early 2024.



Palworld still offers the same type of experience and developer Pocketpair will continue expanding the game with new features while in Early Access. However, it's unlikely that the game will reach again the same peak of concurrent players as players divert their attention to other games. Enshrouded is shaping into an excellent option for the fans of the genre and Nightingale could also be a great contender for the throne if it improves its combat with the help of the community.

As a player, you have plenty of options to choose from when looking for an exciting survival game, and Palworld continues to be one of these, especially if you keep in mind that it will receive more content while in Early Access. Of course, our comparator is the best tool to get a cheap copy of any of them, including a Palworld game code for PC or Xbox consoles.

Kitten Chucklenugget
Kitten Chucklenugget
Apr 3, 2024, 2:18 AM
super earth needs my support. the galactic war is raging. no time for palworld
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