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Palworld announces its first raid

Palworld announces its first raid

Palworld surprised everyone with an unprecedented success that ignored the claims of the game being a blatant copy of Pokémon. The game broke all the records when it comes to the concurrent number of players and it has become so big that its developers have said that it's beyond manageable for such a small studio. However, this is not stopping Pocketpair from releasing additional content for its open-world multiplayer game. The studio has announced the first raid coming to the game which features a new Pal never seen before in the game.

Behold Bellanoir!

Palworld features a large cast of Pals that you can tame and make work for you. However, there are also some big bosses, including Grizzbolt who looks like a gigantic Pikachu and wields a minigun. They pose a much harder challenge than any of their smaller friends, but the new addition to Palworld will be even more dangerous. Bellanoir will be the first raid in Palworld and it will pit players against an all-new Pal. A large group of players will have to coordinate their efforts in order to defeat her and only the most skilled Pal Tamers will have an opportunity against her incredible powers.



Palworld continues to be one of the most popular games of 2024 alongside Helldivers 2. Their success is so huge that they are making most other releases this year look pale, including many AAA games. In the case of Palworld, its undeniable resemblance with Pokémon has only served to boost Palworld's popularity. Game Freak contemplated the possibility of an action lawsuit against Pocketpair, but nothing has transpired on this matter yet, and Palworld continues using the same assets despite their obvious resemblance to some classic Pokémon. In any case, the developers of Palworld keep progressing with their agenda and keep adding new features to its Early Access game to keep the fans occupied and improve the experience.

There is no date confirmed for the arrival of the Bellanoir raid in Palworld but you can expect it to be very soon. Remember to keep an eye on our news page if you want to know all the details about the latest additions to the game as soon as they are available. Also, you can use our comparator to get a Palworld digital download code at the best price if you want to find out by yourself why the game is so popular.

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