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Latest Palworld update adds the first raid boss

Latest Palworld update adds the first raid boss

The latest Palworld update is a game-changer, introducing the first-ever raid boss, Bellanoir. This significant addition, along with numerous items, buildings, balance adjustments, and bug fixes, is now available for PC players in version Xbox Series X|S players will also get to experience this update, although the release date is yet to be announced.

The raid is one of several novelties promised by Pockepair in Palworld's roadmap. After the historic launch that broke records that no one predicted, Palworld needed new content for its players, and the developer seems to be finding its footing in this aspect.



At the beginning of the month, the number of concurrent Palworld players on Steam dropped to 60,000 concurrent players. However, after the update, the results are already showing. Palworld reached over 100,000 simultaneous players for the first time since March last week. The steep drop was expected for a game that sold 15 million copies on Steam and reached over 2 million online users in January, a milestone achieved by very few games on the Valve platform. Despite the decline in numbers, Palworld is a success, and the game consistently reaches 50,000 simultaneous players.

In addition to introducing Bellanoir as a raid boss, the Palworld patch added new abilities to Pals on the ranch, allowing some to produce new items. The UI has received a quality-of-life treatment, and the base has added new commands to facilitate any modifications the player wishes to make. Remember that Palworld is still in early access, indicating that the game will undergo many gameplay improvements, such as bug fixes.

Palworld's roadmap is packed with exciting updates and improvements. Bellanoir is just the beginning, with many more raid bosses planned for the game. The future also holds a PvP mode, enhanced building system, new islands, pals, and technologies, as well as server transfers and migrations. Developer Pocket Pair is also exploring the possibility of expanding Palworld to new platforms beyond PC and Xbox, promising a bright future for the game.

In addition to PC, Palworld is also available for Xbox Series X|S - but the raid boss patch isn’t yet, so keep that in mind. If you want to experience facing a raid boss alongside your Pals, check out our comparator for the cheapest deals on Palworld CD keys and start your survival journey.

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