Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will have its difficulty "calibrated"

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will have its difficulty "calibrated"

It has been a week since the release of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and many players may have already completed this DLC by now. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with numerous praises and accolades, some calling it FromSoftware's best expansion yet. However, there are also legitimate criticisms that FromSoftware needs to address, including negative reviews on Steam, primarily concerning performance optimization and game difficulty.

FromSoftware has released the first update nearly a week after the DLC's launch, known as Elden Ring patch 1.12.2, according to Bandai's patch notes.

Listening to player feedback, FromSoftware has directly addressed the game's main concerns in this update, focusing on both difficulty and performance optimization.

The scaling of attack power and damage negation from the Scadutree Blessing has been increased in this patch. However, these adjustments apply only to the first half of the maximum Blessing enhancements; the second half will now scale more gradually.

With this change, players will find earlier bosses easier to deal with, while maintaining the challenge for later ones. Additionally, the attack power and damage negation from the final level of Blessing enhancements have also been slightly increased.

Regarding performance issues, they have confirmed a bug where ray tracing settings are automatically enabled if you load saved data from previous game versions. To address this, they recommend players check the Graphics Settings of Elden Ring and set it to 'OFF' if it has unintentionally been set to 'ON'. Ray Tracing will no longer activate automatically.

Finally, the team confirms more balance adjustments are in progress, which may lead to nerfs for some bosses featured in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is FromSoftware's largest expansion to date, and it truly lives up to that reputation. If you're a fan of challenges, Elden Ring is definitely a game for you. Don't hesitate to use our price comparison tool to get the best deals possible for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree and dive straight into the Lands of Shadow.

Jun 30, 2024, 3:45 AM
i don't even bother turning ON ray tracing. they just so demanding. need DLSS 3.5 :S
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