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Here’s why you must kill mutant enemies quickly in The Callisto Protocol

Here’s why you must kill mutant enemies quickly in The Callisto Protocol

Gamescom has given us another look at the upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol by Striking Distance Studios. Creator Glen Schofield appeared during Opening Night Live to showcase a first look at some features that will be appearing in the game. Needless to say, it’s every bit as gory and terrifying as we expect. Check out the gameplay video here:


Though the game borrows heavily from Schofield’s other brainchild, Dead Space, the video shows The Callisto Protocol has leveled up in terms of tactical combat. For one thing, players can employ stealth to take out unsuspecting enemies with a single, well-placed stab. The GRP device opens up even more options, such as picking up enemies and hurling them away from you, say into environmental hazards like the grinder shown in the video. You can also freeze enemies and use them as a shield against projectiles, like acid vomit. Of course, when all else fails, you can always go toe-to-toe using your stun baton.

However, The Callisto Protocol raises the stakes with a new terrifying mechanic called Mutations. The virus affecting the inmates of Black Iron Prison can make them mutate at a rapid pace. During combat, an explosion of tentacles will appear on the host’s body. The player has a short window of time to shoot the tentacles and prevent the mutation from spreading. If they fail, the host evolves into a stronger, deadlier version of the enemy. This mechanic is evil beyond words, and will definitely encourage strategic retreats. 

Add to that some action set-pieces like the sewer obstacle course, and The Callisto Protocol promises a thrilling and very gory ride from start to finish. The game launches on December 2, 2022. You can pre-order a The Callisto Protocol PC key today from our comparator.


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