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The Callisto Protocol terrorizes with two new monster designs

The Callisto Protocol terrorizes with two new monster designs


Without a doubt, the nightmare fuel known as The Callisto Protocolis one of the most anticipated horror games to emerge this year. This is largely thanks to the sneak peeks at its monsters, as seen in this trailer care of Gamespot.



Now, Striking Distance CEO Glen Schofield has released more information on two new creatures we can expect to face (but hope not to) in the game.

The first is a biophage called The Blind. From its name, we can tell it doesn’t rely on eyesight to sense its prey, having apparently adapted to the darkness of the moon Callisto. What makes it even worse is that it has some form of tentacles emanating from its body—we don’t know what these are for and we’re in no rush to find out.  



From pure visuals alone, it’s the type of creature that makes you want to trip your friend to make sure you escape. 

But mutated biophages aren’t the only hazards of The Callisto Protocol. The next monster type is considerably more mundane but no less intimidating—security robots. 



Given that The Callisto Protocol is set in a prison facility, it makes sense to have an army of robot security guards. Of course, these hulking metal guardians are here to ensure you don’t escape from prison, not to protect you from wandering biophages. Regardless, we’re stoked to see how they interact with the other monsters—whether they attack mutants or vice versa. It might be possible to get both types fighting each other, leaving you alone to make a hasty and well-advised retreat.

The Callisto Protocol has been slated for a December 2 launch. If you’re excited for this game, you can pre-purchase a The Callisto Protocol PS5 key from our comparator today.


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