The Callisto Protocol: first gameplay revealed

The Callisto Protocol: first gameplay revealed

We have already talked before about the impressive graphics in The Callisto Protocol and about the sudden decision to cut its ties with PUBG, but many unanswered questions were in the minds of the fans of Dead Space, who wondered if the game would be a worthy spiritual successor. Developer Striking Distance has shown the first gameplay video of The Callisto Protocol during the Summer Game Fest. It has left the majority of the fans in awe, not only because it looks good but also because it promises an exciting combination of horror and action that will send shivers down your spine.


The Callisto Protocol gameplay reveal



The gameplay reminisces Dead Space in a very good way. The Callisto Protocol features a completely hidden HUD that allows you to focus on the action. Key information about the gameplay, like your ammunition count, is cleverly integrated and visible at all times without needing a side panel. The design of the monsters you will have to face is quite cool, and the combat system allows for different strategies as you can use some sort of psychic powers and guns to deal with your foes. You can dismember them by aiming at specific locations when shooting and also use the environment along with telekinetic powers to get rid of them. 

The video also reveals the dark and oppressive environment that you will have to explore in The Callisto Protocol. The Black Iron Prison is a place full of dark secrets, and you can easily find a gruesome death around every corner, as proven at the end of the video.

With this gameplay reveal, The Callisto Protocol sets the pace for its upcoming release. You will still have to wait for a while to enjoy the game, whose release is scheduled for December 2. Meanwhile, you can visit our comparator to check out the best prices and buy The Callisto Protocol cheap.

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