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The link between The Callisto Protocol and PUBG will be subtle

The link between The Callisto Protocol and PUBG will be subtle

Announced last month at the Games Awards, The Callisto Protocol has sparked a wave of interest among horror game players, especially Dead Space fans. Indeed, the creator of The Callisto Protocol is none other than Glen Schofield, to whom we owe the famous survival horror series. Even if we do not have a Dead Space 4 on the program, another game of the same kind awaits us in 2022. 

We will have to be patient. The Callisto Protocol will not be released for a year, and again, if all goes well since delays are not rare these days. But on the other hand, there is plenty of time to learn more about the game until then. While not much has been revealed so far, one thing that caught our attention is the fact that The Callisto Protocol will take place in the same universe as PUBG. Knowing that the game takes place on Callisto, Jupiter's moon, and 300 years after PUBG, we wondered what the two games could have in common, apart of course, from the fact that the studio Striking Distance is working on both games. Glen Schofield has spoken on the subject recently in the columns of Gamesradar. 

"We're helping PUBG Corp right now as a team of writers, working on the lore for PUBG and its universe. They have a timeline, and we fit on that timeline now. It's not going to be really deep, but there will be little connections here and there. We'll probably be referencing one another from time to time… It will make more sense once the game comes out!"



Therefore, it seems that it will be more like certain winks scattered throughout the game rather than a more tangible connection. What seems certain, however, is that The Callisto Protocol aims to scare us. According to Schofield's words, he will use the power of the new consoles to achieve this, especially regarding 3D audio. 

The Callisto Protocol is slated for a 2022 release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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