The Callisto Protocol abandons PUBG's universe

The Callisto Protocol abandons PUBG's universe

Some games suffer unexpected changes during the development process that are rather hard to understand from the players' point of view. This is the case of The Callisto Protocol, an upcoming horror game from the creator of the Dead Space series Glen Schofield. Originally, the game was set in the universe of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and it would take you to Jupìter's satellite Callisto in the role of an inmate of the maximum-security Black Iron Prison. You are set on escaping the place by any means, but an unexpected series of events and the unspeakable secret that the place hides will turn your search for freedom into a nightmarish journey.

As you can see, it's hard to figure out what PUBG has to do with The Callisto Protocol in the beginning, and that may even be the case for the developer, who has just announced that it's not part of the PUBG timeline anymore. 



Whether this change has been made because being part of the PUBG universe does not make any sense or because it limits certain aspects of the story in The Callisto Protocol that the developer now wants to trespass, we can only guess that it's for a good reason. Not much information has been revealed about The Callisto Protocol. Still, since it was already hard to find any need to link it to PUBG, we can only hope that this decision gives the studio more freedom to come out with the game it exactly wants.



With no release date for The Callisto Protocol on the horizon, the fans of sci-fi horror games can look ahead to the release of the Dead Space remake, which promises to bring back one of the cult games in the genre, more spectacular and bloodier than ever. 

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