Striking Distance addresses the problems of The Callisto Protocol

Striking Distance addresses the problems of The Callisto Protocol

Quite a few players have been eagerly waiting for the release of The Callisto Protocol. Unfortunately, there are many of those who have been experiencing technical issues with the game, mainly shuttering issuers due to shader compilation. Developer Striking Distance released a patch during the weekend to address those issues on PC, but these problems also extended to the console versions of the game on Xbox and PlayStation, which also seem to be having problems with Ray Tracing. The studio has acknowledged those problems and promises to fix them as soon as possible, announcing that players will hear about new improvements this week.



Those issues have caused a negative impact on the reviews for The Callisto Protocol, especially right after the release, but it seems that things have cooled down a bit after the developer's fast reaction. In any case, it's a shame to see clouded the launch of a game so eagerly awaited. The Callisto Protocol may not become one of the biggest titles in the genre, but things like this do not help with that no matter what. Striking Distance should have polished the technical aspect of the game a bit more before launching it. We have known the system requirements for a while, and the least they can do is make sure that the game runs properly at launch on machines that meet those. Game creator Glenn Schofield has stated that they want you to play the game as intended. It just would have been better if they did put all that effort into the game before the launch.

If you already own The Callisto Protocol, you will be happy to know that the studio is set on fixing the issues. If you don't, you may want to wait a few days before you visit our comparator to check out the best prices to buy your The Callisto Protocol CD key.

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