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Action and horror share the spotlight in The Callisto Protocol

Action and horror share the spotlight in The Callisto Protocol

You can finally play The Callisto Protocol today, which is something that you should be happy about since it's Glen Schofield's latest game. The creator of Dead Space has quite a few fans due to his innovative approach to the terror genre in that series, which mixed action, gore, and terror to deliver an impressive experience. You can now find out if fourteen years have been enough to release a game that is better than the one used as an inspiration to create it. The Callisto Protocol follows the same premises as Dead Space, therefore, comparisons are unavoidable in this case. You are Jacob Lee, a man that has ended up as a prisoner in a maximum security prison on Jupiter's moon. When the inmates start transforming into bloodthirsty Biophages, the Black Iron prison turns into a nightmarish place and you need to do your best to survive.



Impressive action

Nobody can deny that The Callisto Protocol is a horror game. Blood and viscera everywhere, hulking alien monstrosities that will surprise you behind every corner, and thousands of sharp teeth are an integral part of a game where you try to survive at all costs while finding out the origin of the infection that has turned humans into creatures born out of the worst nightmares. But unlike other games in the genre, The Callisto Protocol gives you the opportunity of defending yourself. 

Combat is a very important part of the game. You will find weapons that you can use against the Biophages, usually by targeting their limbs in order to incapacitate them. Then you have to rapidly finish the monsters before they can mutate into something even worse. Don´t expect to find plenty of fancy and overpowered weapons to fight against the Biophages. You will need to make do with whatever you can find at any given time, which also means that ammunition will be limited too. 

The Callisto Protocol is not a frantic sci-fi shooter by any means, but it delivers just the right type of experience that you would expect from a Glen Schofield game with spectacular graphics and lots of gore. If you want to give it a try, you can use our comparator to check out the best deals on The Callisto Protocol codes for all platforms.

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