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The Callisto Protocol launch trailer is brutal

The Callisto Protocol launch trailer is brutal

Whether you are a fan of the original Dead Space or not, the upcoming launch of The Callisto Protocol will not leave you indifferent after watching its launch trailer. Developer Striking Distance Studios has been working hard to deliver an exciting survival horror experience under the direction of Glen Schofield, and the more we know about the game, the most interesting it becomes. The Callisto Protocol launch trailer, which you can watch below, is a very good way of getting immersed in the sci-fi world of the game and provides some insight into the perilous adventure that Jacob Lee will have to go through in an isolated prison at Jupiter's moon.



A journey through hell

As you can see in the video, the Black Iron prison wasn't the most comfortable place to pass some vacations to begin with, but a mysterious outbreak has turned it into an even more dangerous place. Navigating your way through the facilities looking for a way of escaping while you try to survive the attack of alien monstrosities that look like taken from a nightmare will be quite hard. Looking for the help of the inmates or the prison guards seems like a risky option, as they are probably more concerned about their own survival, but you will find yourself under extreme circumstances. In The Callisto Protocol, you will have to arm yourself the best you can with whatever equipment you can find and do your best to avoid ending up devoured by a hulking monster with more teeth than you can count.

The Callisto Protocol features excellent graphics and lots of action. It delivers an epic survival horror experience in a unique sci-fi setting that is not for the faint of heart. Violence, blood, and gore are at the heart of its combat system. The release of the game is scheduled for December 2 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The best price to buy The Callisto Protocol code for any platform is available at our comparator.

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