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The Callisto Protocol has New Game Plus now

The Callisto Protocol has New Game Plus now

As a spiritual successor of the Dead Space series, The Callisto Protocol offers an exciting horror experience with awesome graphics, lots of action, and a good story. The game from Striking Distance Studios didn't quite hit the mark for the publisher when it comes to the number of copies sold. Glenn Schofield's new studio may have been beaten at its own game by no other than another of his creations. The upcoming release of a Dead Space remake from EA Motive may have interfered with the sales of The Callisto Protocol as it would have drawn the attention of many fans who would have preferred to revisit the classic horror FPS rather than adventuring in a completely new game. But that does not mean that The Callisto Protocol didn't deserve a good reception.

Improving The Callisto Protocol

In any case, Striking Distance Studio has just updated The Callisto Protocol to its 3.01 version. The patch adds a number of bug fixes and gameplay optimizations across all platforms, but the most significant addition is the New Game Plus mode. You can now continue playing The Callisto Protocol in a new save after you finish the game. You will start from the first Reforge station at a much higher level of difficulty but keeping all the weapons, enhancements, and cash that you gathered during your previous playthrough. 



This update precedes the upcoming launch of several DLC loaded with skins that will become available ahead of the first expansion with new story content that should be available later this year. All of the post-launch content is included in The Callisto Protocol Season Pass, which is available at the best price on our comparator. You can also use it to buy The Callisto Protocol cheap anytime if you are yet to discover the game and you want to enjoy an exciting horror experience with solid tactical combat.

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