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    Gain exclusive gear to give you the edge you need the Bless Unleashed - Exalted Founder's Pack. The land of Lumios is filled with danger, but these add-on benefits will help you survive. Included in the DLC are:

    • The Pyreborn Title - an exclusive Founder’s Pack title that will appear above your name.

    • Card: Elven Hat and Outfit - gain an elvish flair with this stylish ensemble

    • Card: Ironclad Rhino - a massive mount that will ram and crush your enemies underfoot. An excellent way to travel through the wild lands of Lumios.

    • Card Emote: Salute - a friendly military greeting for the warrior

    • 2,300 Lumena - buy cosmetics and services from the Lumena shop with this extra currency. 

    • 100,000 Star Seed - used to purchase resurrections, Teleposts, and more. Use it at the Marketplace

    • Premium Benefits (lasting for 30 days)

      • Gain +50 Lumena Every Day

      • Increases the capacity of your bag +50

      • Increases PvE XP Gain +50%

      • Increases PvE Gold Gain +10%

      • Increases Quest SXP Gain +10%

      • Increases HP Recovery at Soul Pyres +300%

      • Reduces Gathering/Mining/Logging Time -25%

      • Increases All Crafting XP Gain +10%

      • 5% Marketplace Fee Discount

      • 40% General Goods Merchant Recovery Potion Purchase Price Discount

    • Telepost Discount Ticket (lasts 30 days) - less 30% discount at the Telepost

    • Basic Star Seed booster (lasts 30 days) - 20% more Star Seed at the exchange rate

    • Bag Expansion Tickets x 5 - raises your bag capacity by 1.

    Ride to fame and fortune with the Bless Unleashed - Exalted Founder's Pack

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Bless Unleashed
    Reward Event Defend the Overworld  against an invasion of evil Piglins in Minecraft Legends - 67
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