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    The fifth game in the acclaimed Total War series, Empire: Total War is a turn-based real-time strategy game that brings you into the early 18th century and the Age of Sail. Prepare your armies and your fleet as you conquer every corner of the globe.

    In Campaign mode, you play one of the powerful factions bent on conquest: Great Britain, France, the Dutch, Spain, Sweden, Prussia, Austria, Poland-Lithuania, Russia, the Ottoman Empire, the Maratha, or the Mughal Empire. Recruit armies and raise great navies to sail across the sea into the New World. Forge alliances and trade through diplomacy and treaties, even as you employ spies and assassins to sabotage your foes. Advance through three theaters of war: the Americas, Europe, and India. Establish colonies and protectorates and project your power from the other end of the world. If you’d rather have single skirmishes, fight in recreations of historical battles from the 18th and 19th century.

    As with previous Total War installments, you fight battles in real-time with units. This time around, gunpowder plays a pivotal role with musket men and artillery taking center stage. New elements include being able to take cover behind walls or structures, or constructing field defenses prior to combat. Also new are fully-functional naval battles, where you sink, capture, or drive off enemy ships in order to win an encounter.

    Empire: Total War brings world domination to your fingertips. Will you prove yourself both king and conqueror, or just another footnote in history?

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