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    Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate universe during the rule of the Soviet Union. It is a first-person adventure game where players take on the character of a special agent. Players are always on the lookout for weird monstrous machinery patrolling the region they are in. Atomic Heart is action-packed, and it will keep you on the edge from the beginning to the end of your mission while you struggle to survive in the depicted Soviet world.

    Story-wise, Atomic Heart happens after a technical revolution takes place. Robots, holograms, and the internet are already invented. There is communism, imperialism, and the conquerors from the West are looming in the corners of USSR territories. You will be a KGB agent in charge of finding out the reason behind the sudden lack of reports from facility 3826.

    The world of Atomic Heart consists of several regions, multi-level structures, and abandoned underground facilities. Enemies can be robots, combat vehicles, and other machines produced in the Factory. The robots in the game seem to have gone haywire, and they will engage in combat once activated.

    Restore peace and order and discover what happened in the now abandoned facilities of Atomic Heart. The engrossing Soviet sci-fi atmosphere of the game can be quite attractive, but it could also chill your heart.

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