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Mundfish Releases Gameplay Trailer for Atomic Heart

Mundfish Releases Gameplay Trailer for Atomic Heart

A 10-minute gameplay trailer has been released by Mundfish for its latest sci-fi game, Atomic Heart. The gameplay trailer reveals the game's protagonist probing the surface of what appears to be an altered Russian landscape, before getting thrown into a science lab which may have been used for genetic and robotic experimentation. The video suddenly ends with what seems like one of the game's bosses, a giant mechanical sphere-like object with limbs. Check out the trailer below:



Atomic Heart will be released in Q4 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Mundfish describes its game as:


"Atomic Heart is an action RPG with FPS elements set in the alternate version of the USSR. Technological revolution powered by Communism has already happened: robots, the Internet, holograms and other futuristic stuff make everyday life of the Soviet citizens better & brighter. These great technological advances are made at special facilities placed all over the country. Recently one of such temples of science, The Facility 3826, went dark. As a KGB Officer, you are going in to find out what happened there and to restore order no matter the cost… The world of Atomic Heart consists of several regions with different biomes. On the surface and under the ground you will meet exotic mechanical creatures designed to serve the needs of people, but for some reason, they turned into combat-ready killing machines."


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