Atomic Heart's retro apocalypse is coming late 2022

Atomic Heart's retro apocalypse is coming late 2022

Even though Atomic Heart has been missing from the radar for a long while, we have kept an eye on the game from Mundfish since it was announced. Its unique aesthetics and story caught the eye of many players, but the studio has been relatively silent about it lately. The game has gone through a troublesome development that has taken way longer than expected, but Mundfish has just published a new trailer that focuses on the combat in Atomic Heart. Not only does it allow us to see some spectacular makeshift weapons in action, but it also offers us a wide range of powers that we will be able to unleash with the help of the special glove that we will be wearing in our offhand.



Atomic Heart takes us to a futuristic alternate world where the advanced research of robotics gave an edge to Russia in World War 2. It's 1955 now, and the country has become a major potency worldwide thanks to the automation of labor. But there are some problems too. In Atomic Heart, you are in charge of investigating a manufacturing facility that has stopped answering the government's calls. When you arrive at the place, you discover that something has gone awry, and the machines have become violent, killing everyone and conducting strange biological experiments.

The game features unique aesthetics that reminisce post-war Russian technology but with a futuristic touch. Add frantic action-based combat with plenty of weapons and powers to use, and you obtain an exciting FPS that will finally launch this year. The announcement has been made via Twitter.



As a reminder, the game will be available on PC and consoles, and you can find the best price to buy your Atomic Heart PC key cheap on our comparator.

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