Atomic Heart shows its Photo Mode

Atomic Heart shows its Photo Mode

Even though we have been following Atomic Heart for quite a while, it's a bit discouraging that it still does not have an official release date. MundFish's open-world action role-playing game caught the attention of many players when it was announced three years ago. The opportunity of exploring a post-apocalyptic alternate universe in which the Soviet dream became true to then fall into the most complete chaos due to a rebellion of the machines, seemed to be quite an interesting adventure for a lot of people.



In Atomic Heart, the Soviet Facility №3826 is a utopia gone awry and you will be in charge of eliminating all traces of the system malfunctioning that has led to the murder of the countless people that were working on this project to hide everything from the rest of the world. Of course, when you arrive at the site, you discover that the machines have rebelled against their creators and the place is more of a theme park turned into a slaughterhouse than anything else. Fast action, open-world exploration, scavenging and crafting systems, and fierce combat are the most relevant features of Atomic Heart, a game that also allows you to turn almost anything into a deadly weapon thanks to the special properties of the polymer glove you are wearing. 

Developer MundFish has recently revealed a new video that shows the Photo Mode in Atomic Heart. It showcases the highly detailed graphics of the game in 4K and proves that they are putting a lot of effort into making the game quite a thrilling experience.



The only big question left about Atomic Heart is about its launch date. There is no official confirmation about it yet, but given the state of the graphics that we can see in the video, which are in-game and realtime, it's quite likely that we will hear some news about its release very soon.

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