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Atomic Heart shows bits of its crazy gameplay in a new video

Atomic Heart shows bits of its crazy gameplay in a new video

Atomic Heart was originally announced a couple of years ago and since then it has managed to generate quite a bit of interest among the players. The perspective of exploring a USSR themed laboratory that has been experimenting with humans and creating robots seems to be quite attractive to the players and every bit of gameplay that has been revealed so far has contributed to that by showing unexpected features and developments. The latest Atomic Heart video wasn't going to be any different and despite being truly chaotic, it represents perfectly what you would expect to find in a game like this while adding some interesting clues that reveal in-game features.



As you can see in the video, the world ofAtomic Heart is chaos in its most pure state, but other than the craziness of the robots and the environment there are a few visuals that hint some interesting capabilities of the main character. As a KGB agent, you are sent to investigate what has happened in facility 3826. Even though we don't know yet if the abilities shown in the video are acquired during the game or you start with them, you seem to be able to use some kind of telekinetic power to attract and repulse objects. This power may be linked to the cool-looking glove that you are wearing on your left hand, which also seems to allow you to interact with robotic devices.

The first impression that you get once you watch Atomic Heart gameplay videos is that you can pretty much expect anything to happen. At the same time, everything in the game has that USSR vibe and transmits a feeling of being in a state of decay, whose causes you will have to discover.



Atomic Heart reminisces of a crazy mix of Fallout and Bioshock universes with a Cold War touch. No release date has been confirmed yet but the game should be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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