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Atomic Heart is the Soviet Bioshock

Atomic Heart is the Soviet Bioshock

Atomic Heart is set in a dystopic version of our world where history took a different turn during World War II. Incredible advancements in the field of robotics should have made Russia a superpower that aims for global domination, but the truth is far from that. All the great dreams of the nation could be at risk due to some strange malfunction that has affected the robots in one of the most important research facilities. As the special agent in charge of investigating why the communication with this facility has been cut, you are in a dire situation when you arrive at the place and find out that a robot uprising has put an end to the project in the worst possible way.

As you can see in the footage of the game released to date, Atomic Heart features a unique aesthetic style with a notable Soviet style, but at the same time, the game revels in the decadence of a utopia that has gone wrong for whatever reason. Atomic Heart gives you access to futuristic technology and lets you interact with the surrounding environment in unexpected ways, but at the same time, it lets you take things close and personal when it comes to combat by using simple weapons that are as deadly as the ultimate hi-tech gun. The combat is brutal, bloody, and challenging, and when paired with the puzzles, the intriguing story, and the representation of a decadent Soviet world that could have been, it delivers a unique experience.



Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter with a dystopic horror background that won't leave you indifferent, and it's already been compared to one of the masterpieces in the genre, Bioshock. The release of the game is scheduled for February 21 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and you can buy an Atomic Heart code at the best price with our comparator.

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