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    Frostpunk is a survival and city-building title set in an alternate timeline where snowstorms and cold have put humanity on the brink of extinction. It´s 1886 and you are the leader of a group of people that are trying hard to survive the cold caused by the inclement weather. The survival of your society is closely tied to the steam-powered technology that keeps the city warm and running, and to the gathering of resources to sustain the city infrastructures and the people that live in it. Managing all that is your task as the leader, and it won´t be an easy one. You will be constantly pressed to take difficult decisions, many times having to question your own morality. Allowing child labor or overworking your citizens with too long shifts may not sound very good for your popularity, but when your life depends on it you start questioning yourself. Frostpunk is all about the psychology of survival. It's a dark city-building simulator that will push you to the breaking point and even further, and only playing it you will learn what kind of boundaries you would be able to cross in order to survive, and what cost that would have for you.

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    Comments on Frostpunk

    Jan 21, 2022, 5:31 AM
    It's a good game but very difficult. When you play for hours and see people die, you wonder what to do.

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