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Frostpunk is free on PC this week

Frostpunk is free on PC this week

Epic Games Store continues with its policy of giving away free games. This week you can get your hands on a little jewel of the survival and city-building genres. Frostpunk leaves in your hands the survival of our civilization in the aftermath of a cataclysm that has frozen our world. It's the year 1886 and a couple of massive volcanic eruptions have launched tons of ashes, dust, and other particles into the atmosphere. As a result, the planet has suffered a global cooling that has destroyed most of the crops worldwide, causing the death of millions. The remains of the human civilization gather in a few cities built around coal-powered generators, but the resources are scarce and the need great. You have to build and manage one of those cities, and your main task is to keep the generator going and the city warm enough to live. Of course, you will have to make very difficult decisions that will usually have a cost on human lives. You decide who lives and who dies in the harsh world of Frostpunk.



Frostpunk features several scenarios with different storylines and conditions. You will have to face a wide variety of events while keeping in mind that your aim is the survival of the majority. Exploring the territory around the city to look for resources will be of utmost importance but the situation is so extreme that every decision you make may have dire consequences for the inhabitants of the city one way or another. There is no room to be fair or politically correct in the world of Frostpunk, and you will learn that soon enough.

You can visit Epic Games Store and claim your free copy of Frostpunk until next Thursday. The game will be linked to your account permanently after that. The basic game offers you quite a few hours of challenging gameplay but it's also possible to expand it via several DLC, including On The Edge, The Last Autumn, and The Rifts. Each of them includes new scenarios and allows you to discover more pieces of the story of Frostpunk, both after and before the events in the main game.

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