The gameplay of FrostPunk: On the Edge is shown in a new video

The gameplay of FrostPunk: On the Edge is shown in a new video

FrostPunk is quite a difficult strategy and management game. Being in charge of maintaining a city running and its citizens alive under extreme conditions is definitely not an easy task in this game, but the game from 11 bit Studios has gone beyond that by offering new scenarios to the players via DLC. FrostPunk: On the Edge is the last one announced for the game and if its predecessor, The Last Autumn, allowed players to experience the situation previous to the scenario they have to face in the main game, this third DLC will challenge them with something completely new.

The terrible storm that caused the world to freeze in FrostPunk has stopped, and now the survivors have to face the dramatic aftermath. New London continues to exist, but FrostPunk: On the Edge will put you in control of one of the many different outposts that have been discovered after the storm has subsided. Of course, that means that you will have to face new threats and plenty of different challenges. You can take a peek at what the expansion has to offer in a new gameplay video that has been just published by the developers.



One of the major changes in FrostPunk: On the Edge is that you won't need to manage a generator to warm up your outpost. But that doesn't mean that you won't have to work really hard to keep your people warm. Surviving will still be quite a challenge and you will depend on the supplies sent from New London, providing that you can meet certain production quota and sed to the city the resources they demand from you. You will also discover that there are others that have survived the storm.

FrostPunk: On the Edge will be released on August 20th for PC. You can buy it separately but it's also included in FrostPunk Season Pass, along with The Rifts and The Last Autumn expansions.



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