Frostpunk: On the Edge DLC will be released in a few weeks

Frostpunk: On the Edge DLC will be released in a few weeks

Developed by 11 bit Studios and released two years ago now, Frostpunk could have been yet another survival game, drowned in the flood of games of a genre that has literally exploded in recent years. But Frostpunk has managed to be successful, becoming quite popular among the players and earning a number of awards in the process.

Two DLC have also been released already for the game. First, The Rifts added bridges as well as a new map where you have to use them. More recently, The Last Autumn was released last January, and it introduced a new scenario that takes place just before the cataclism that created the world of Frostpunk as players know it.

A third DLC with the name of "Project TVADGYCGJR" was revealed when the Season Pass was announced and we finally have some news about it. Last DLC included in the Season Pass, Project TVADGYCGJR has finally revealed its real name: On The Edge. Unveiled via a fairly enigmatic short teser,this new DLC for Frostpunk will add a whole new scenario that takes place just after the Storm. As a reminder, the world of Frostpunkwas plunged into an ice age following the eruption of Krakatoa and Mount Tambora, masking the sun in 1886. The player embodies the leader of a city whose management is based on several mechanics, like the control of the resources or the happiness of the inhabitants, but the most important and that which is specific to the game, is the heat, which is created by a generator and must be distributed throughout the city.



The Storm is the event that marks the end of the main storyline of the game, and Frostpunk: On the Edge continues this story. Very little is known about this expansion right now, except that it will introduce a new map and new mechanics. The trailer announces its release for this summer, but it is possible that the exact date is already known. In fact, if you mouse-over the icon of the Frostpunk: On the Edge DLC on its Seam page, it will appear a tooltip in which July 30 is displayed as the release date.

We will have to wait for an official confirmation but in any case one thing is certain, Frostpunk: On the Edge is coming soon. It will be included in the Season Pass but it will also be available separately, like the previous DLC of Frostpunk.

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