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Frostpunk expansions are coming to consoles

Frostpunk expansions are coming to consoles

If you love strategy games and especially those focused on city-building, it's quite likely that you have already got your hand on Frostpunk. In this video game developed by 11 Bit Studios, you are in charge of the survival of what's left of human civilization in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that has caused the whole planet to freeze. In Frostpunk, the maintenance of the huge coal-powered generator that keeps your city warm is as important as finding resources to survive. Each of the citizens is quite valuable, but also another mouth to feed and keep happy. The problem is that sacrifices are to be made in such an extreme situation, and you will be the one to decide who gets the short straw in this case. Therefore, Frostpunk is a challenging game where you will have to say no to the endless stream of requests and complaints from the citizens in order to prioritize the survival of the majority.

The original Frostpunk campaign challenges you with several scenarios but you can take on several more. These have been added to the game via the several expansions available, including The Rifts, The Last Autumn, and On the Edge. If you own the game on PC and liked it, you probably have all three already, but that's a luxury that those who play Frostpunk on PlayStation or Xbox have not enjoyed yet. Thankfully enough, all three expansions will be available on consoles on 21st July. You will be able to purchase each of them separately or all together as part of a season pass. 



Also, if you are yet to discover the intimidating world of Frostpunk and you would like to give it a try on consoles you may want to wait a couple of weeks, since a Complete Edition with the base Frostpunk game and all three expansions will be available too on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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