Sons of the Forest shows off its multiplayer features

Sons of the Forest shows off its multiplayer features

Survival horror has many fans, but if we were to name a game that succeeded in delivering one of the most exciting experiences in the genre, The Forest would probably come up as an answer. Not only was it terrifying because it did pit you against a group of cannibalistic mutants, but also because surviving alone in an isolated forest can be an experience even scarier than that. Sons of the Forest is the sequel to the game from 2014, and it will put you in the same type of stressful situation, although this time you won't have to face the dangers alone.

Back into the wilderness

In Sons of the Forest, your initial mission of finding a missing person on a remote island takes a turn for the worse when you discover that the place is infested with mutant cannibals. Exploring the mysterious island and discovering ways of keeping yourself alive in the wilderness will require a lot of effort, but it all becomes even more challenging when the monsters start hunting you down. Fortunately, you won't have to survive by yourself this time. Sons of the Forest features online multiplayer, and you will be able to share the experience with your friends. 

Developer Endnight Games has released a new video focused on its multiplayer features. You can see how you will have total freedom to approach the experience, as there are no guidelines or missions in Sons of the Forest. Gathering resources to build a base that you can defend could be a good start, but sooner or later you will have to fight against the cannibals, and any help you can muster will be quite welcome. You can watch the video below courtesy of IGN.



Sons of the Forest will launch on Early Access tomorrow, and the best prices to buy a Sons of The Forest PC key will be available on our comparator so you can enjoy this experience at the best price.

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