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    The Forest is a survival game developed by a Canadian company called Endnight Games, and it was released for the PC and the PlayStation 4. The Forest takes place on an open-world island that is populated by cannibalistic mutants. The player assumes the role of a father who survived a plane crash with his son. The Forest has non-linear gameplay with no concrete missions or quests to complete, which gives the player complete freedom with how to tackle the situation. Survival is the only goal. Once your character gains consciousness, he sees a bunch of mutants and his son, which is being taken away from him. Now, the player needs to do everything in his power to survive on this strange island. Building shelters, weapons, and many other survival tools are needed to stay alive. The Forest's island is inhabited by a lot of woodland creatures, but also by some nasty, nocturnal mutants. They dwell in the deep caves beneath the island, and even though they're not aggressive all the time, their behavior is mostly hostile, especially when night comes. The AI of the cannibals is extraordinary, as they sometimes just observe the player from afar, and they even use effigies to try to communicate. When it comes down to violence, the AI will once again show brilliance with cannibals protecting each other, hiding behind cover, using tactical decisions (like staying away from a fire, since they really despise fire) and even dragging wounded tribesmen to safety. The cannibals smart AI truly adds to the experience and the immersion of The Forest in lots of ways. Even though there are no missions or objectives to complete in The Forest, there will be an optional conclusion to the game to those that want to see how it all ends. The day/night cycle in the game aims to provide time to both collect supplies and build traps and shelters during the day, and then try to survive and defend yourself from the mutants during the night. The Forest is a survival experience that sticks out from the bunch, in a really good way at that.

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