Sons of the Forest Unleashed in New Trailer and Release Date

Sons of the Forest Unleashed in New Trailer and Release Date

Endnight Studio’s sequel to their survival horror opus The Forest has been mostly under radio silence for the last two years, but today we finally received great news: Sons of the Forest is set for release on May 20, 2022. It’s been pushed back, certainly, but from the footage of the new trailer, the delay has benefitted the game. Check out the following announcement trailer, which debuted on IGN.



Blood for Blood

The Forest is a survival game about a father who is separated from his son when their passenger plane crashlands on a jungle island. As the father, you scour the island in search of your boy while fending off cannibalistic natives and mutated monstrosities. You also have to live off the land by hunting, fishing, and crafting. The Forest is well-known for letting you create entire fortifications to keep out the pesky mutants, who will come in droves to hunt you once you’ve made your presence known. There’s also a lot of exploration of different biomes, from forests to snow-covered peaks to deep dark cave networks beneath the island—something not for the claustrophobic. 

Sons of the Forest appears to be dialing everything we love about the first game up to 11. First, you get an even more extensive range of tools to use, as shown in the tarpaulin menu screen. Players can also perform other crafting feats, like sharpening the tops of their wooden walls to prevent cannibals from climbing over them. You also can have a companion with you, which will prove helpful when you inevitably get jumped by enemies.

Speaking of cannibals, the natives and the mutants are even more grotesque this time around. Apart from the normal-looking cannibals, you have mutants with far too many limbs, a nightmare creature with a tooth-filled gaping mouth for a torso, and mutants conjoined at the legs to form a push-me-pull-you monstrosity. Surely, Sons of the Forest will double down on the first game's gore and violence.


When is the Sons of the Forest Release Date?

While there’s a hint in the trailer as to what the story is about, there’s still not much to go on. We will have to wait till May 20 to know more. In the meantime, you can check out the lowest prices for The Forest and Sons of the Forest.

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