Sons of the Forest update gives hang glider and more dangerous foes

Sons of the Forest update gives hang glider and more dangerous foes

The first patch for Sons of the Forest just dropped and made some major changes to enemies, items, and even everyone’s favorite AI companion, Kelvin. 

The first major change is the addition of a hang glider, which can be found on top of a cliff on the southwest side of the mountains. This device lets you move quickly from a high elevation, saving you a lot of time instead of building zip lines from the mountains to the forests.

Also added are binoculars, which will go a long way in your scouting missions. You can find them on a beach in the northwest section of the island.



The enemies in Sons of the Forest are smarter than the original game’s, ambushing you and surrounding you when attacking your base. Not only have they learned to build watchtowers in their bases, they are now tougher at higher difficulties. Also, a mid-boss game has been added to the food bunker, just to make things more interesting.

Enemies have another trick up their sleeve: cannibals may now jump down from trees to attack you from above. Yes, now you have to make good use of those binoculars to see if there are any waiting to ambush you from the treetops.

There are also several fixes in this patch. The foremost fix is that your AI companion, Kelvin, will no longer cut down trees that have your treehouse in them. Also, a previously missing leather suit has been added to the world for Virginia to wear. For the full list of Patch 01 updates, you can check out the game’s steam page

Thus far, Sons of the Forest has been an absolute win despite delays and opening in Early Access. If you have yet to try this survival horror, you can get a Sons of the Forest PC key from us at the best prices.

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