Sons of the Forest will go into early access

Sons of the Forest will go into early access

Rather than delay the game any longer, Canadian-based developer Endnight Games has announced that they are putting Sons of the Forest into Early Access this February instead. This is good news for fans of The Forest, who have been eagerly awaiting the launch after facing a few delays.

Here is the eerie Sons of the Forest trailer via IGN, just to refresh your memory:


In a statement posted on Steam, the developers said:

"There is still so much more we want to add; items, new mechanics, gameplay balance and more. We didn't want to delay again, so have instead decided to involve the community in the continued development of this project and keep our February 23rd release date but instead release in Early Access.

The Forest turned out to be a massive success, due mostly to the awesome community and the suggestions, feedback, and bug reports the players shared with us. We are really excited and hope that players want to come on this new journey with us to make this the ultimate survival horror simulator."

Originally set for release back in May 2022, the game had been set for an October 2022 release before finally settling on a February 2023 launch instead. Finally, Endnight Games has opted to compromise and go with an Early Access release. To be sure, The Forest was also in Early Access for four years prior to its full release in 2018.

Enter the Forest

The narrative of Sons of the Forest focuses on finding a billionaire who has disappeared in the aforementioned forest. As it turns out, the place is teeming with cannibalistic mutants who are often happy to hunt you down for their next lunch. You’ll need to make use of an extensive arsenal of weapons, including shotguns, crossbows, and oddly enough, a crucifix. Just like the original game, you may also completely ignore the story questline and simply try to survive off the land, building a fortress to keep mutants at bay. Sons of the Forest is said to be four times larger than the original game. Thankfully, you also get a helpful NPC companion, Calvin, and can have friends along via multiplayer to help you explore and stay alive.

When is Sons of the Forest releasing?

Sons of the Forest hits Early Access this February 23. Get your Sons of the Forest key cheap today.

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