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Sons of the Forest delayed to 2023

Sons of the Forest delayed to 2023

This year is especially bad for video game launches and it seems that Sons of the Forest is joining a big list of delayed titles. Many of the games that were planned for a 2022 release have been delayed for one reason or another, but they all share one thing in common: they need more time to be finished. Since we can assume that the developers are not miscalculating the time they need to finish a game we can safely assume that the changes caused by the pandemic are still having an impact on many studios' schedules. We are glad to know that the publishers usually prefer to delay a game that does not meet certain quality standards.

Developer Endnight Games is having a specially hard time finishing Sons of the Forest. The sequel to The Forest was originally set for a May release, and it was postponed to October. Now, the developer has announced via Twitter that the game won't be ready on the planned date and moved the Sons of the Forest release date to February 23, 2023.



Although the news is disappointing for all the fans of the first game, you can now check out that the additional development time is being put to good use. The short teaser that accompanies the announcement on Twitter reveals that Sons of the Forest will be as scary as its predecessor and that it will feature scarier monsters, including that walking giant mouth full of sharp teeth. In any case, we are eager to immerse ourselves in this new survival horror experience.



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